When viewing this site no personal information is gathered or stored by me. There may be certain add-on modules that create cookies, but I do not turn on any cookies or other data gathering devices. If you wish to turn off cookies the site should operate normally, except for the shop - see below.

If you wish to use the on-line shop you will need to register. Your name and address will be stored to allow me to post the ordered goods to you, or follow up any queries. If you wish me to remove your data after you have accepted the goods please send an email and your shipping data and login will be removed. You will then no longer be able to view your order history.

I do not make any other use of personal data stored on the system. No personal data is sent to any other person or company.

When you pay by card you will be re-directed to the PayPay site, where you may pay either by credit/debit card or using your PayPal account. Any information connected with payment is managed by PayPal and I do not see any card or account details. No card information is retained on this system.